Albert Nyathi

Albert Nyathi is often referred to as Zimbabwe’s “premier performance dub poet”. Born in Kezi in Matabeleland South into a cattle-herding community, he mastered traditional praise poetry at school. He soon started to write his own plays and poems, inspired by the national freedom struggle. As a university student in the 1980s, he became very influential within the student union and often spoke at rallies. Later, he gave up his career in government service as a senior member of the National Arts Council to concentrate on performance poetry and the development of youth training programmes in Harare’s townships. Around 1990, he started fusing his poetry with music in order to reach a wider audience.
Using straightforward colloquial language, easily accessible speech rhythms, and simple overt imagery, such as:
My Daughter . . . protect you
From hungry lions silently eyeing you
Licking their lips
Ready to pounce on you
From the jumpy jumpy monkeys that move
From tree to tree
(‘My Daughter’)

Alberts latest project is the poem "My Daughter" that has been turned into a book, due to its popularity with families. The book is to published by The Lion Press Zimbabwe. My Daughter is available in book shops, record bars and online. Some of the proceeds of the book will go towards Ukuzalakunye (Children are a community responsibility), The project that has been turned into Amanzi Yinpilo project, so get your copy and let us dream together.



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