Our Location

Simbuka Village, is located in rural Gwanda, Matabeleland South Province. Gwanda town is the capital of Matabeleland South and it is 126km south of Bulawayo the capital of Matabeleland. The village itself is about 110km from Gwanda town. It is near the border of the northern part of Botswana. The larger area within Simbuka village is called Kafusi.

Amanzi Life Project
Cell: +263 - 733 490 360
Email: nyathi@amanziproject.co.zw
Website: www.amanziproject.co.zw

Immediate Needs

1. More pipes, sprinklers, drip system (mini irrigation)
2. Fencing
3. Back up engine
4. Green House

In building the centre, the villagers will participate through the moulding of bricks, collecting sand from the local river Pikinini etc. We will use mainly locally available resources.


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