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Amanzi Yimpilo Project is a project conceptualized by the renowned Zimbabwean dub poet Albert Nyathi. This project seeks to empower rural Zimbabwean communities with the provision of Solar powered water pumping system. It all started with an orphans project, UkuzalaKunye, based in rural Gwanda. Following the installation of the solar powered water pumping system at Simbuka Vallage in rural Gwanda, subsequently there has been an overwhelming request by various communities facing a similar situation in other parts of Gwanda and Kezi Districts. Therefore the name has been changed, or is it expanding to the bigger Amanzi Yimpilo Project. This simply means Water is Life. This means that UkuzalaKunye as a project is confined to Simbuka Village while AmanziYimpilo is now the overall project, the mother project, the bigger picture covering a large area of the dry rural areas of Zimbabwe, mainly region 5 (geographically)..

The area is under the jurisdiction of five headmen, with each headman having an average of fifteen homesteads. These are Pikinini (PK) One up to Four and Simbuka itself. All these fall under the traditional leadership of Chief Mathe, bridal gowns and falls under Ward Twelve with an elected Councillor. Our current Chief is a lady, KetsoMathe, one of the only 5 women chiefs in Zimbabwe out of 270 chiefs. The village is administered by Gwanda Rural Council.

In November, 2008, Albert's friend, Deborah French from the US, visited Kafusi and saw for herself the misery created by lack of water and other resources.She summed it all up through the following poem, based on what she experienced:

Celebration in Kafusi for Albert Nyathi

Dry as the bones of a cow in the mouth of a hungry dog
After the oozing, jelly-like flesh has been carved away
And only the hide remains,
The endless cinnamon-brown earth
Refuses to satisfy empty bellies.
Muscled arms wheel the meat -- an extravagance -- in barrows
While expectant children and tired mothers,
Gray-bearded old men and young men getting old
Anticipate salvation,
Lingering in the smoke of an impatient fire,
Lost in the fusion of consonant voices,
Swinging brown arms and bendy legs.
Strong grandmothers, whose eyes see everything,
Accent the song and dance with shrill ululation
Swirls of red, brown, turquoise, gold -
Elegant against a backdrop of dust and sky,
Only dust and sky.

-Deborah H. French


Water was found at 17 metres deep, but the drilling went up to 49 meters. This means that, although the area is dry on the surface, water is plentiful underground.
The Land
There is plenty community land in the area. There are over ten acres of land available for gardening.
Human Resources
The villagers are available and willing to work since it is their project.
The Sun
There is plenty sunshine, therefore installing the solar powered pumping system made sense instead of the manual pumping system. We do have, in the area elderly people who no longer have the physical strength to do the pumping.

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